1. Conditions

We buy back Krugerrrands as well as silver bullion bars and coins, provided the items are in good condition,
are items that we are familiar with, and sold in increments that accept.

Our buy-back prices are based on the spot price and the prevailing market conditions at the time of the sale.

We attempt to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible


2. Step Process to Sell

1. Lock in a price

Send an e-mail to dl@lakeshoretrading.co.za to find out current buy-back price. If you accept the price you will need to send us an invoice as well as other relevant documents.  We will guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have. The seller will have to pay for the cost of delivery.

2. Delivery of your items

We can arrange to have your items collected or you may arrange your own delivery. We do not accept any delivery via SA Post and only use recognized courier companies. We are not responsible for any loss or theft of items during the delivery process in the event that you have arranged your own delivery.

3. Payment

Once we have received all items in good condition and have authenticated your metal, we will make payment by bank transfer within 48 hours.